The Lenovo brand has been around for many years now and they have maintained a trusted, durable, and reliable status brand to their consumers. For those that don’t know, Lenovo manufactures many other electronics other than laptops like smart TVs, smartphones, and IT management software. Lenovo’s laptop portfolio covers a wide range and styles, prices and offerings and each of them have their own uniqueness. They have maintained to stay in the top 10 spots in terms of laptop best brand. Let's get into some of the reasons as to why exactly the Lenovo laptop is a great brand.

1. Great for Business usage 

Many business companies use the Lenovo brand since many of the Thinkpad series laptops were designed for their use. These laptops are powerful yet lightweight, they are energy efficient and consume less energy than other brands. Many of the Lenovo business laptops have an ergonomic design and are all top-performing laptops. You get a high screen quality, with a powerful processor and graphics cards which all combine to make a powerful device. 

2. Durable and Design

The brand's most successful series of ThinkPads have been the preferred choice of my businesses for years now due to its quality. These ThinkPads can be used in business formal or casual settings, there is one for every group. The brand’s empire of ThinkPads has a great mixture of durability, performance, security, and power. Lenovo is known for designing portable, compact laptops. The downside is that the colors of these laptops are the same silver, grey, and black. Truth be told as long as the company sticks to their high-quality work, I guess the color of the outside shouldn’t matter. At least you know you’ll be getting consistency mixed with innovation when you shop at Lenovo.

For the gamers they have the Legions series, these laptops are highly recommended for gamers. For a premium gaming laptop check out the Legion 7i here which is configured with Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Super GPU, it will break the bank a little. However, you won’t be disappointed, this is another one of their most successful series of laptops. You can get one of their gaming laptops for anywhere between eight hundred to three thousand dollars. 

3. Lenovo’s Non-stop innovations 

Lenovo is one of the top manufacturers in the world for good reasons. They continue to deliver new, amazing designs with each new release. They are one of the top companies that deliver that 2 in1 touch laptops flawlessly like their Lenovo Yoga C930 2-in-1 laptop, and their Lenovo Flex 14. The Hong-Kong based company hasn’t been holding any punches when it comes to the designs as they are getting ready to be the first ones to release a foldable PC this fall called “Lenovo ThinkPad X1”. They have gaming laptops, student laptops, and mobile workstations.

4. Best budget computers

You can bet that there is a Lenovo out there that would be in your price range. In the same way that the laptops come in various styles they also come in various price ranges, as a student on a budget you can find one as low as two hundred dollars, and for those who have more money to splurge on there are laptops up to almost two thousand dollars. No matter which price range you end up with you can be sure that you are getting a reliable computer that will last you years. 

5. Coverage and warranty 

Customers get a 12-month warranty automatically on their purchase depending on which model there are, some products like the Lenovo ThinkPad that come with a 36-month warranty. 36 months is amazing compared to other brands, Unfortunately, this warranty does not cover accidental damage, but there are more expensive plans to cover that in case you decide for more coverage. For certain models, the company will also cover the shipping cost to service centers. Lenovo's website is super useful and easy to navigate because it is packed with a bunch of tools that would help you figure out your Lenovo technology issues. 

Final thoughts

If you're thinking of spending tons of money on a laptop, don’t just waste money on just any laptop that would end up breaking a year later, invest in a Lenovo and work in peace and comfort for the foreseeable future. Many people don’t know that this brand packs as much punch as they do since we mainly hear of certain brands, however, all are shocked later when they make the purchase and find out how amazing their laptops truly are. They have proven themselves a real threat in the technology department and are finding new ways of staying ahead of their competition each year. If you are someone that loves being a minimalist and have a love for powerful hardware that is wrapped up in sleek, clean-cut designs then Lenovo is for you.


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