We can find a lot of content on the Internet, but not all of it is of high quality. Content with this characteristic allows us to position a web page among the first results of search engines such as Google, generate traffic on our blog or website and possibly return readers.

In recent years, in a fully computerized and connected society, search engine optimization, SEO, has evolved. We no longer just limit ourselves to stuffing pages with content on the Internet, but the content must be high quality.

What is quality content?

This is a question we can all ask ourselves from time to time: what constitutes quality content? In addition to being well-positioned, the content must be interesting. Here are some characteristics that could help you get there:

Have a clear purpose. We must define what objectives we want to meet with our content, and know what target audience we are going to address.

It is fascinating to search for the keywords that are most searched for on the internet. For this, we have tools such as Adwords. With this, we get closer to what is most sought after related to the subject that we are going to discuss, in addition to improving our positioning.

The title is the most powerful. It is the first thing you see when searching and if it attracts attention, readers will surely enter it.

The articles must have good writing and a clear structure. Organizing in paragraphs helps us to divide ideas and order them in the form of an inverted pyramid. This means starting with what is most important and ending with what is least relevant. That is, just start reading. You have to know what we are reading and answer the questions of what, when, where, who and why (the 5W in its acronym in English). Then we will develop the initial ideas.

The document must be easy to read. Sizes, fonts, tone and colours are all key aspects for the user to feel comfortable reading our content.


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