The Niu NQi GTS Sport is a real challenge to electric Vespas. The Niu NQi GTS Sport is a really good e-scooter that actually leaves nothing to be desired. As a companion through the city, it is currently difficult to find a better alternative, especially since the price is significantly lower compared to a Vespa. The removable batteries are a real asset for city dwellers, the performance is top in terms of both range and acceleration.

Electric scooters should dominate the cityscape in the near future. In the tourist areas of Berlin, London, Pris and the Madrid metropolises they are already doing this in the form of rental scooters. For people who want to buy such a scooter themselves, there is a constantly growing selection, for example from Piaggio, Govecs, Super Soco, Sur-Ron and even Niu.

The Niu NQi GTS Sport works with a Bosch electric motors that delivers 3,100 watts at 60 volts. It draws its energy from two 26 ampere-hour batteries, which allow a maximum of 105 kilometres. The Niu NQi GTS Sport drives a maximum of 70 kilometres per hour and weighs 160 kilograms. Braking is done with two disc brakes.

The display on the Niu NQi GTS Sport is huge and extremely functional. Some information about the journey, current charge status, mileage display, selected driving mode.

With the Niu NQi GTS Sport, the batteries are located under the seat and under the running board. Both are easy to remove with a key and, thanks to the handle, are easy to carry.

The Niu NQi GTS Sport is priced at around 3,500 euros. Accessories exist for the Niu like a dime a dozen: seat covers, cell phone holders, floor mats, luggage racks, windshields and top cases.


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