Scania has already connected over 600,000 trucks, buses, and engines, creating a fleet that gives the corporation nearly unlimited operating data. The Scania Services will be expanded to incorporate new digital capabilities to simplify freight forwarders' and drivers' jobs.

Scania has been at the forefront of the rapidly evolving world of linked cars for several decades. Because of the ongoing development of new electrified solutions and related consumer requirements, the speed of innovation in digital services has accelerated even more.

"Our brand-new customer portal, My Scania exemplifies where we are with our digital services," says Emil Jungnelius, Product Manager at Scania Services. "To provide our clients with a first-class digital experience, we are integrating all present and future services under a central customer interface."

My Scania features partner solutions and locally developed services in addition to fleet management, tachograph, and expense services. New services can be added rapidly and accessible using this centralized login.

"It is clear that the corona pandemic has increased digitization - and demand for it - both for our company and our consumers," Jungnelius says. "We have seen a distinct shift: what was formerly only accepted by a select few is now of particular interest." We are now witnessing the start of a more intense and upgraded digital adventure with enormous promise for all concerned."

Scania has developed a new app that provides various services to drivers. The new Scania Driver app connects to My Scania, the company's client portal. The software will not only make life easier for today's drivers, but it will also address new, and future requirements brought on by electrified vehicles, such as information on ranges and charging possibilities.

"We built this app with a customer-centric approach based on insights acquired from substantial driver input," Jungnelius explains. "The app assists drivers in retrieving all relevant car information, viewing scheduled maintenance appointments, and much more." It makes no difference if they drive a diesel or an electric truck."

The link between My Scania and the Scania Driver app makes internal corporate communication quicker and more efficient. Scania's solutions make it simple to perform location services, a pre-departure check, remaining driving time, and other everyday chores.

The arrival of battery electric trucks (BEV) put additional demands on Scania's existing Fleet Management Services, which Scania recognized early on. The BEV Control Package is a new version that fits the latest specifications for a completely electric truck.

"All possible performance metrics, such as energy consumption or distance traveled, are in the foreground here," Jungnelius explains. "With BEVs, location services are even more crucial, as range and charging alternatives are critical to any task."

Each truck's location is represented on maps and updated in real-time. Monitoring the truck's performance is also very simple because previous reports are available in My Scania.

"The BEV Control package is suitable for customers committed to switching to electric transportation solutions that do not use fossil fuels to accomplish their sustainability goals," Jungnelius explains. "They can monitor their fleet's overall operating performance and follow it in great detail."

"Digitalization in the transportation industry is advancing like never before," Jungnelius says. "In our industry, greater competitiveness and expanding digital processes are two of the primary reasons for this. I am confident that those operators and shippers who capitalize on these opportunities will thrive - the potential advantages are obvious and not to be dismissed."


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