Whoever saw The Big Bang Theory couldn't help but fall in love with it due to certain elements contained within it, we're talking about pivotal scenes and plot twists that changed viewers' impressions of the show significantly.

Fans have praised both the on-screen and off-screen friendships of the cast members and the many scientific references and ideas.

The Big Bang Theory showed many essential aspects of friendship necessary for a healthy society, from how its characters fought to how they cared for one another. Such as, never allow your fear to rule your life, always speak what's on your mind, and don't harbor a grudge against a friend who made a joke about you.

They all know what kind of person Sheldon is, so they don't hold any anger against him, even if he makes a lot of unpleasant comments about Howard, Leonard's work, and Penny's intelligence level.

Fans can often relate to this one since everyone knows someone bullied in school for being a nerd at some point.

The show brings together many different types of nerds and their customs, such as the gaming nerd when all the lads get together to play a game for hours, the study nerd because all the boys are well educated, and the comic nerd who enjoys doing things like cosplay on Halloween.

Having Penny and Sheldon as a couple gave the show a good dynamic. Especially in the first few seasons, they show how much they care about each other by fighting, arguing, and making fun of each other's stupid choices.

Penny asked Sheldon if Leonard thought she was boring or stupid at the time and then admitted that she had lied about having completed community college to appear more intelligent. Do you believe someone that bright would attend a junior college and get their degree?

He once hung Penny's clothes in the telephone line after a disagreement when she had wrecked Sheldon's Saturday night.

Despite its many scientific allusions and complex mathematics, the show was one that even highly educated viewers could enjoy. The filmmakers said they even had a professional scientist check the math on Sheldon's whiteboard. With one exception, the show never directly borrows a formula from another.

The other students ridiculed Sheldon and Leonard when they went to get Penny's money from her boyfriend and Sheldon's WOW account since they were both studying and not fighting.

As the performance progressed, we were joined by an impressive roster of A-listers, movie stars, business moguls, scientists, and game-changers. Will Wheaton, the star of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Elon Musk (CEO of Tesla and SpaceX), Stephen Hawking, an English theoretical physicist and co-founder of Microsoft, and many others are among the notable figures.

Most of The Big Bang Theory's guest stars were well-received by viewers, which is a testament to the show's popularity and the blessing of such well-known actors and actresses appearing on a comedy program.

Making the show as honest as possible lets the viewer empathizes with the characters and root for them, which is essential to a program's success.

The song Howard sang to Bernadette, "If I Didn't Have You," the death of Howard's mother and Sheldon's friendship advice, Penny's tiring of the handsome guy, Leonard's consolation, Sheldon's proposal to Amy, Leonard's marriage to Penny, and Sheldon and Amy winning the Nobel Prize are all unforgettable moments.


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