The EnBW energy company and the commerce and tourist firm REWE establish the first location of their large-scale e-mobility partnership: The first four fast charging points are now available at the REWE shop in Meerbusch-Büderich, close to Düsseldorf. The new location's inauguration ceremony was attended by Telerik Schischmanow, CFO of the REWE Group, and Timo Sillober, Chief Sales & Operations Officer and responsible for e-mobility at EnBW. It is the first of hundreds of places to open as part of this collaboration in the following months and years.

EnBW has installed high-performance fast charging ports with up to 300 kW capacities at the REWE shop on Hessenweg 14 in Meerbusch-Büderich. "With this power, e-cars can charge up to 100 kilometers in five minutes," says Sillober. "Customers may combine their weekly grocery shopping with charging their electric vehicle. While the car is charging in the parking lot, go shopping at REWE or PENNY - the charging procedure is simple and requires no extra effort. Customers who do not have private charging facilities gain the most from this. This also incentivizes REWE customers to return to their local shop and purchase Location advantage." Meerbusch-Büderich, like other EnBW charging stations, is powered entirely by renewable energy. The REWE shop is likewise powered by renewable energy. The REWE Group has depended on green electricity to power its stores, travel agencies, logistical facilities, and administrations since 2008.

The rapid charging sites in Meerbusch-Büderich mark the beginning of a nationwide expansion of electric car charging options: "Hundreds of other locations are being planned, with many either under construction or about to be completed. We are working together to consolidate Germany's countrywide rapid charging network across all industries ", said Silober. In Austria, the SMATRICS EnBW joint venture is establishing fast charging outlets at REWE Group locations such as BILLA, BILLA PLUS, PENNY, and BIPA, pushing mobility turnaround.

REWE Group CFO Telerik Schischmanow adds: "The retail trade is critical to the adoption of e-mobility for everyday use. The REWE Group collaborates with key partners to enhance charging alternatives in our locations. We are developing our E-infrastructure with EnBW fast charging stations: this extra offer greatly simplifies the daily lives of our customers and workers. Fast charging stations are another significant reason to buy locally, which we are pleased to provide our consumers. As part of our climate aspirations, we intend to put 6,000 charging connections on existing rental homes and new structures across the country by 2025. Our collaboration with EnBW contributes significantly to this."

EnBW, Germany's largest energy provider, manages the largest statewide fast-charging network for e-cars and has lofty goals. By 2025, 2,500 fast-charging facilities with 15,000 charge ports will be operational in Germany. By 2025, the project will be realized in collaboration with significant partners such as the REWE Group and our yearly investments totaling well over 100 million euros. "Modern fast charging stations may often give traditional AC charging outlets power. This speeds up charging and allows for more electric vehicles to be supplied per fast charging point. We anticipate 15 million electric vehicles in use by 2030 in Germany, with a total demand of 130,000 to 150,000 fast charging connections."

The REWE Group is one of Germany's biggest commerce and tourist organizations. In 2021, the company's total external revenues will be over 75 billion euros. The REWE Group, formed in 1927, employs over 380,000 people across 21 European nations.

The EnBW HyperNetz network connects e-drivers to over 300,000 charging stations across Europe. The EnBW mobility+ app will locate the nearest charging station wherever you are. Electric car drivers may also use the app to pay quickly and easily. Customers may connect their car to most of EnBW's rapid charging sites and begin charging immediately after a one-time registration. All charging outlets in the EnBW HyperNetz have uniform and transparent rates per kilowatt hour.


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