Originally introduced as a concept, in the spring of this year, Dacia Spring officially became a Dacia product in October. In addition to its unprecedented technology, the electric car makes a premiere for the Dacia brand: Dacia Spring will be built in Asia, specifically at the plant in Shiyun City, Hubei Province, China. The reason behind this decision is the use of the same technical platform as the Renault K-ZE, the model intended exclusively for the Asian market.

At first sight, Dacia Spring surprises you with its bold design.

Dacia Spring is scheduled to hit the market starting in the spring of 2021, which seems to announce the arrival of the Dacia brand into the 21st century.

The electric engine offers 44 hp and 125 Nm and it's powered by a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 26.8 kWhDacia Spring weights only 955 kg, a remarkable value if we take into account that only its battery weighs 280 kg. The autonomy of 295 km can be increased by 10% by simply activating the Eco mode. The estimated lifespan of for a battery similar to the one that equips Dacia Spring is 120,000 kilometres.

Dacia Spring Electric will reach a top speed of 125 km / h, which is more than enough for a car designed exclusively for the urban environment. When charging at a normal household outlet, the battery will fully charge in about 14 hours, but the optional CCS charging port can bring the battery to a level of 80%, in less than an hour. Spring's trunk space is 300 litres, but its capacity is increased to 600 litres just by folding the rear seats.

Unlike its Renault K-ZE brother, Dacia Spring will have to meet the demanding safety rules applied to the European market. This means that the model will come with additional reinforcements, applied to the front and side, for optimal structural strength, as well as with an automatic emergency braking system. To these are added six airbags, the automatic emergency call system and the automatic headlights.

My Dacia app is designed to display the battery charge level and to give you the opportunity to stop the process and also to start the car's air conditioning system. Also, Dacia Spring will also have a version dedicated exclusively to car-sharing services. The version dedicated to car-sharing services will have special equipment like GPS, video camera and ecological leather upholstery.

From spring 2021, Dacia Spring can be ordered by car-sharing companies like Uber or Bolt, but the actual delivery of the first copies to individuals will take place starting with the fall of the same year.

Dacia Spring has a sale price of about 14,000 euros without VAT.


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