Another concept sketch of the Skoda VISION 7S interior from Skoda AUTO is shown. There are seven seats inside the all-electric vehicle, and the cabin is simple while still being highly functional and easy to use. The Czech automaker's new visual language is previewed in the Skoda VISION 7S. On August 30th, for the first time, the concept study will be shown to the general public.
Space for up to seven people across three rows of seats was depicted in the initial sketch of the Skoda VISION 7S's minimalist interior. Standard Skoda Simply Clever amenities are included as well. The new concept prioritizes passenger safety and security with its wide instrument panel and symmetrical wraparound design. It wraps around the entrances to further highlight the spaciousness of the interior. For the first time in a Skoda vehicle, a large, free-standing touchscreen sits in front of it for the first time.
The sketch is crystal clear, the haptic and virtual interfaces are harmoniously integrated, and the ergonomics are top-notch. The new wheel is characterized by a unique design with vertical spokes. It has been leveled off at the top and bottom to provide the driver with a clear view of the dashboard. The haptic control panel consists of a central console with three large, tactile knobs, two large buttons placed underneath, and a rotatable roller directly below the main display. Underneath, there is a system of specialized shelves. A smartphone dock allows passengers to customize their in-vehicle experience further.
On August 30th, you can see the first public showing of the Skoda VISION 7S. It shows a sneak peek of the Czech automaker's new design language, which reinterprets brand values like durability, usability, and authenticity.


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