The car industry is undergoing major changes in recent years due to a comprehensive digitalisation of our everyday lives and increased demands for a transition to greener mobility in the future. Volkswagen has set the course for future mobility and has dedicated itself to the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. Volkswagen has set itself the goal of becoming the world's most important provider of e-mobility.

Volkswagen is turning on a new business concept. With the desire to give to people a greater insight into Volkswagen's visions for the electrified mobility of the future, Volkswagen City Studio will open in March in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark. Volkswagen City Studio has is an ideal location with thousands of passers-by every day, which provides an opportunity to reach a wide audience.

Visitors will be able to experience the latest electric cars from Volkswagen and at the same time get more information using digital platforms in the showrooms. It will also be the place where new digital concepts will be introduced for the presentation of various car models or the visualization of other topics in the field of e-mobility and the environment.

From Volkswagen City Studio, it will also be possible for visitors to test drive the latest models, as there will be access to a fleet of test cars located in the basement car park. The goal is to become a focal point for a large number of events with a focus on Volkswagen's green transformation both locally and globally. The program for events in Volkswagen City Studio will be broad and aimed at private customers, companies, public institutions and the press.

Volkswagen City Studio must be a living house with a focus on the Volkswagen brand, the green transition, the electrical universe and the road to emission-free driving.

Volkswagen aims to manufacture approximately 1.5 million electric cars per year by 2025.


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