Schneider Electric has been named the world's most sustainable company in the internationally recognized Global 100 index by the Canadian organization Corporate Knights. This is obvious after the publication of the so-called Global 100 Index, which serves as a guideline for sustainability and is usually awarded at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland.

The Global 100 index measures, among other things, how much renewable energy and waste companies generate, the analysis also includes factors such as sickness absence, diversity and so-called clean investments.

Thomas Träger expresses great pride in the award and emphasizes that the company has only just begun its sustainability journey. Schneider Electric has just embarked on a new strategy that will completely eliminate the company's climate footprint by 2025.

Thomas Träger points out, that since 2015, Schneider Electric has reduced energy consumption at the company's head office by 45 per cent. This has been done through a systematic approach to intelligent building management, circular economy and the use of modern technology. He also points out that as a private individual you can eat less meat, stream fewer films, avoid disposable plastic, recycle as much as possible, cut down on the number of flights and increase the energy savings in your private home.

Schneider Electric's path to completely remove its climate footprint is done through conversion to 100 per cent green electricity and conversion of the company's car fleet from petrol and diesel to electric cars and hybrid cars.

Schneider Electric is headquartered in France, but also has a significant presence in Europe.


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