About a month ago, the Japanese authorities announced their intention to completely ban gasoline and diesel vehicles. The government has now revealed details of the switch to eco-friendly vehicles.

The moratorium will come into effect in 2035 as part of the government's plan to reduce harmful CO2 emissions. The Japanese government has allocated $ 2 trillion for its implementation, and this amount will be divided into two parts.

Initially, $ 870 billion will be spent on stimulating the production and sale of electric vehicles. The rest of the amount will be directed to the development of the electric vehicle industry from 2030 to 2050.

The only exception, which will last until 2030, will be a manufacturer's approval to develop hybrid vehicles that meet stringent CO2 emissions regulations. In addition, the Japanese government will help car companies halve the cost of batteries for electric vehicles, making this type of transport more attractive to buyers.


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