An American startup, Humble Motors, has built solar panels into the roof of its electric car. The project promises to be really cool: ex-Ford employees and Ferrari partners are involved in it.

The Humble One is a solar-powered electric SUV with a length of approximately five meters and a mass of approximately 1800 kilograms. The streamlined body of the model should provide a relatively low coefficient of aerodynamic drag - 0.25. with. According to Humble Motors, the cabin will be able to comfortably accommodate four people, although formally the car is five-seater.

The Humble One is expected to have a range of around 800 km and 1020 hp. It is planned to integrate high-performance photovoltaic cells into the roof and windows of the electric crossover, a patent for which is currently being filed. The total area of ​​solar panels on the car should be 7.65 square meters. It is assumed that the energy generated by them per day Humble One will be enough to overcome up to 97 kilometres. Naturally, the electric crossover will be able to charge in standard ways - from AC and DC devices.

On the official website of Humble Motors, the pre-orders for Humble One are already open. Those wishing to reserve a spot in line for the solar electric vehicle must leave a fully refundable and non-binding security deposit of $ 300. It is assumed that the serial production of the model will begin in 2024, and the first copies will reach customers in 2025.

The basic version of the Humble One will cost 109 thousand US dollars, which is quite a lot. In this price segment, there are mainly top-end versions of Tesla, Porsche and Audi electric cars. However, according to representatives of the startup, about two hundred pre-orders have already been received for the solar car.


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