"We face the greatest catastrophe in human history and have three years to prevent it from being set for the next 100,000 years. Knowing this, it is clear that we must work together and do what is necessary to change the situation quickly." Roger Hallam, Co-founder JUST STOP OIL

"We are witnessing a war waged on fossil fuels and funded by oil. We cannot just wait for governments to stop this. We need to force a change in the law now. We need a shift to renewable energy sources. Only radical action can guarantee a safer and fairer future for all of us. Everyone can make a difference." Martin Hoefeler, founder and CEO of ARMEDANGELS

Recent reports from the German government, which is open to European plans for an import ban on Russian oil, point to a step in the right direction. Nevertheless, the temperature in Antarctica is rising dramatically. Mass starvation and mass displacement dominate the headlines. We have less than 30 years to save the planet, and we must act now. 

With its Solidarity Series and charity shirt, the fashion label supports JUST STOP OIL - A global coalition of activists who have come together to demand a change in legislation and force governments to reduce their dependence on oil to end. In international action, thousands of peaceful protesters risk their freedom to protect the planet.

The label receives support from none other than producer and director Adam McKay ("Don't look up" - with Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence). Like many other international celebrities and activists, he already wears the ARMEDANGELS x JUST STOP OIL shirt carries and draws attention to the necessary protests.

100% of all profits from the sale of the ARMEDANGELS x JUST STOP OIL SHIRTS go to the Climate Emergency Fund (CEF), which supports the critical activism to change legislation at high speed. 

The Climate Emergency Fund provides financial support to activists transforming climate policy. The CEF funds ambitious organizations that break the norm to organize mass protests, mobilize more than a million activists, and demand clear change. 

"We're not here to make fashion, and we're here to make a difference. We do that every day by making the most radically sustainable products. But also by using our power and community to support others in making a difference." Martin Höfeler, founder and CEO of ARMEDANGELS. @via Haut Fashion.