Fiat Professional has just launched the New Fiat Scudo, a versatile and spacious van equipped with either an electric or a diesel engine. The New Scudo is the second commercial vehicle from Fiat Professional that offers an electric version, following the Ducato. But what makes the New Scudo stand out from other vans in its class? Here are some features and benefits of choosing the New Scudo as your next work vehicle.

Compact and Comfortable

The Fiat Scudo is designed to be compact on the outside but big on the inside. Its height is only 1.9 meters, allowing it to enter most underground garages and storage rooms. It also has a load volume of up to 6 cubic meters, depending on the body version. It can be expanded by converting the passenger seat into a workstation or using a flap in the partition wall. The payload is up to one tonne, as is the towing capacity.

The interior of the New Scudo is comfortable and ergonomic, with a driving position that resembles that of a car. The dashboard features a 10-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility and a digital instrument cluster that displays all the relevant information. The seats are adjustable and have heating and ventilation functions. The New Scudo also offers various options to modulate its interior space, such as sliding doors, foldable tables, shelves, drawers, and hooks.

Electric or Diesel

The New Fiat Scudo is available with either an electric or a diesel engine, offering excellent performance and efficiency. The electric motor has an output of 100 kW (136 hp) and can be combined with either a 50 kWh or a 75 kWh battery pack. With the larger battery pack, the WLTP range is up to 330 kilometers (205 miles). The DC charging power is up to 100 kW (136 hp) and can recharge up to 80% in 30 minutes for the small battery pack or in 45 minutes for the large battery pack.

The diesel engine has four power steps: 120 hp (88 kW), 145 hp (110 kW), 180 hp (132 kW), and 210 hp (163 kW). It can be paired with either a six-speed manual or eight-speed automatic transmission. The diesel engine features three power steps: Eco Drive Pro with stop-start system; MultiJet Turbo with variable geometry turbocharger; and MultiJet Turbo EVO with direct injection system. All versions meet Euro VI emission standards.

Multifunctional Bodywork

The Fiat Scudo also adopts the Moduwork system, which allows it to adapt its bodywork according to different needs and preferences. For example, if required, the passenger seat can be converted into a workstation for two people, or if desired, a flap in the partition wall can enlarge the load compartment by up to four meters (13 feet). The Moduwork system also enables other configurations such as cargo boxes, side doors, and rear doors with tailgate opening upwards or downwards.

The Fiat Scudo also offers various options for special bodies such as Multicab or pure chassis for different applications such as refrigerated transporters or mobile workshops.

Competitive Price

The prices for the New Fiat Scudo vary depending on market conditions and the availability of incentives. In Germany, where it was first introduced at Auto Bild Live in October, it starts from €37,900 net or €45,101 gross. In other markets such as France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, and Bosnia-Herzegovina, the prices may differ according to local taxes, subsidies, and exchange rates. The New Scudo is expected to be a cost-effective solution for private and professional customers, as it offers low maintenance and operating costs, especially for the electric version.

Comparison with Other Vans

The New Scudo is not the only electric van in the market, but it has some advantages over its competitors. Here is a comparison table with some of the most popular electric vans in Europe:

ModelBattery CapacityWLTP RangePowerPayloadPrice
Fiat Scudo50 kWh or 75 kWh230 km or 330 km100 kW (136 hp)1000 kg€37,900 - €49,900
Renault Kangoo Z.E.33 kWh200 km44 kW (60 hp)640 kg€24,100 - €28,900
Nissan e-NV20040 kWh200 km80 kW (109 hp)705 kg€28,900 - €34,900
Peugeot e-Expert50 kWh or 75 kWh230 km or 330 km100 kW (136 hp)1000 kg€37,900 - €49,900
Citroen e-Jumpy50 kWh or 75 kWh230 km or 330 km100 kW (136 hp)1000 kg€37,900 - €49,900

As you can see, the New Scudo has the same battery capacity, range, power, and payload as the Peugeot e-Expert and the Citroen e-Jumpy, which are based on the same platform. However, the New Scudo has a more attractive design, comfortable interior, and advanced infotainment system. The New Scudo also has a lower starting price than the Peugeot and the Citroen, which makes it more affordable for customers who want a high-quality electric van.

The New Scudo also outperforms the Renault Kangoo Z.E. and the Nissan e-NV200 in terms of battery capacity, range, power, and payload. The Renault and the Nissan have smaller and older batteries, which limit their performance and autonomy. The Renault and the Nissan also have less space and comfort than the New Scudo, which makes them less suitable for long journeys and heavy loads. The Renault and the Nissan may have lower prices than the New Scudo, but they also offer less value for money.


The Fiat Scudo is a great choice for anyone looking for a versatile, spacious, and efficient van that can run on electric or diesel power. The New Scudo offers a compact and comfortable interior, a choice between two powertrains, a multifunctional bodywork, a competitive price, and a comparison with other vans. The New Scudo is the electric van that can do it all. If you want the New Scudo, you can order it now from your nearest Fiat Professional dealer. Don’t miss this opportunity to get the best van for your needs.


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