Phoenix Contact provides a connector system for Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) which features a consistent pin connector pattern with degrees of protection from IP20 to IP67. If service is needed, it enables you to connect a field device with M8 connection technology to an IP20 patch cable without additional adapters.

IP20 connectors feature the most compact pin connector pattern of the IEC 63171 series of standards. They enable you to meet the demands on miniaturization and cost pressure that go hand in hand with the new technology. Both device connectors with IP20 degree of protection (IEC 63171-2) and M8 versions (IEC 63171-5) are designed for automated assembly.

There are also patch cables in various length versions with IP20 degree of protection and for M8 with a conductor cross-section of AWG22 as well. The M8 patch cable versions are available with male and female contacts, enabling easy cable extensions in the field.

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