The winter holidays are an extraordinary opportunity to take more and more ridiculous and silly photos, particularly with much-loved pets. And if you are also a professional pet photographer, then this time of year must be a productive one in terms of funny seasonal pictures. Rhiannon Buckle is such a photographer, and for this cold season, he chose to make a completely new pictorial, with various dogs in holidays circumstances.

Here is proof that our non-speaking friends enjoy the magic of the holidays just as much as anyone.


A study of dogs' DNA reveals that the domestication of dogs can be traced back to 11,000 years ago. By then, dogs were already widespread in the northern hemisphere. An international team of researchers analyzed the DNA from the remains of 27 dogs and compared it to that of modern dogs. It has been found that certain breeds still retain traces of native dogs.

Dogs are said to have evolved from wolves that ventured into human camps, probably in search of food. As they became domesticated, they could help hunt people or protect them. The study concludes that all dogs come from a single extinct wolf population.


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