Did you know that every year 250,000 tonnes of office furniture are thrown away in France by companies?

Bulky, difficult to move, office furniture is a pain for moving companies. Companies are struggling to get rid of it. It is no surprise that we discover that 40% of this waste is buried and 45% incinerated. These pieces of furniture are also always of excellent quality, very little used, this company furniture is still in great condition, almost new before sending to the storage room.

The products are eco-designed and sustainable when all the steps are analysed for a minimum environmental impact:

- All the materials used are recycled and recyclable. Limiting the production of waste and treating it ecologically is essential.

- The materials do not come from endangered ecosystems and environments. The preservation of biodiversity is an important rule.

- The manufacturing processes are limited in the consumption of resources (water, fuel, raw materials) which minimize polluting and waste.

- The materials are carefully chosen according to established standards in order to avoid dangers for the environment and health.

- The distance travelled by materials is reduced to a minimum. The fuels and means of transport are preferentially chosen for their impact on the environment.

- The storage of products should also be analyzed. Do we need super polluting industrial refrigerators that work 24 hours a day? Are they stored appropriately without harming the environment?

- The design of quality products with a long lifespan contributes to the eco-responsible image.

- Improve the logistics of transporting finished products so that they consume as little fuel as possible.

So we ask ourselves, what if societies also had their role to play? What if they could have an eco-responsible approach?

Some companies offer a win/win concept. This is the case, for example, for companies specializing in waste recycling. Indeed, they collect office furniture and then recycle it. What a godsend for companies who no longer know what to do with this bulky waste! The company thus upgrades office waste through selective sorting.

With these new responsible concepts flourishing, everyone is a winner, companies, customers, and above all, the environment thanks to us.


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