Could you put it on the plate, not the trash can? Research by the Sustainable Nutrition Initiative in 2020 found that, despite this, over 65 kg of food is wasted annually per person. Households are mostly to blame for the widespread problem of food waste. Actress and influencer Isabell Horn opens up the third season of the #LäuftBeiLidl video format by saying, "In times of scant resources and rising prices, that's doubly wrong." Three complete episodes plus a preview will teach you and the Lidl community how to cut costs on food without sacrificing quality. The videos will be available on and youtube as of September 29. The "Germany saves food!" campaign week will officially begin on the same date. Lidl strongly backs the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture's 2022 goal of feeding the nation's growing population.

Isabell Horn demonstrates in a local Lidl store the preventative procedures currently in place to minimize food waste. She learns about the new rescue bag, which includes up to five kilograms of assorted fruits and veggies and costs only three euros each bag instead of the usual five. It may not have a pristine appearance any longer, but that doesn't imply you should throw away the content.

Lidl and Isabell Horn show you how to recognize whether foods are still edible and use examples that are sure to be familiar to any consumer. Anna, a recipe developer at Lidl-Kochen, meets the mother of two young children and provides her advice on employing creative dishes to reduce food waste in a delightful and manageable way. Anna also describes the purpose of the best-before date and why, unlike the use-by date, it is only a suggestion.

Longtime Lidl partners and Isabell Horn teach that even damaged goods may be helpful to those in need. Here, food banks distribute the donations they receive to those in need, whose budgets are increasingly stretched thin due to rising costs. Visit to learn more about Lidl's work with local food banks.

You can get a quick, behind-the-scenes look at Lidl and its partners in the 90-180 second #LäuftbeiLidl video format. Further reading, or "deep dives" into specific subjects, is available for those who feel they need more information.

Already in the first two seasons, influencers have shown you around Lidl's many own brands and talked to you about recycling and environmentally friendly packaging.


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