Shenzhen to build transport hub with green skyscrapers

All recent projects of the British company Foster + Partners are distinguished by a large number of green spaces. The recent work on the Guangming transport hub was no exception. It is one of nine districts in the Chinese metropolis of Shenzhen. The new transport hub will be built on the high-speed rail line linking Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Guangzhou.

The basis of the architectural composition is represented by a series of landscaped skyscrapers, the design of which is inspired by traditional Chinese buildings. The buildings of the transport hub will house offices, shopping centres and a museum. As the project is now at an early stage, technical details such as the height of the buildings, as well as the implementation timeline, have not been disclosed.

As the developer explains, large retail space will be located above the metro and railway stations. The green terraces located on different floors of the buildings will have a view of the central alley.

Underground and elevated crossings will provide convenient communication for pedestrians, cyclists and drones between different parts of the complex. A new museum dedicated to transport will be located on the bridge over the railway connecting the eastern and western parts of the junction. Visitors to the institution will be able to see futuristic exhibition displays created using the latest video mapping technologies, virtual and augmented reality.

Numerous terraces and rooftops of the transport hub buildings will include green spaces and sports grounds. A lot of trees and other plants are supposed to be planted between buildings.

Foster + Partners states that their work is focused on pedestrian safety. In addition, water purification systems are envisaged for reuse as part of a citywide plan to conserve water and prevent floods.

The project developed by Foster + Partners is in line with the current development trends of Shenzhen. The city has experienced incredible growth over the past decade, regularly setting new records for the number of skyscrapers built per year. At the same time, an increasing number of buildings in Shenzhen are planned to be combined with green spaces.


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