Meat production on an industrial scale is bringing us to a critical point. The worldwide practice of industrial agriculture is a significant contributor to the current climate crisis and is destroying biodiversity. In addition, it is detrimental to public health and violates the human rights of both employees and the communities they live in.

Particularly at fault is the industrial meat economy, which encompasses animal feed production, raising animals, and processing its products.

JBS International is the most crucial player in the harmful industrial meat market globally. Its activities are so significant that it is believed that they are responsible for about half of the yearly carbon emissions produced by heavyweights in the fossil fuel industry such as ExxonMobil, Shell, or BP.

This new investigation demonstrates that JBS is still carrying out the slaughter in the Amazon even eleven years after our previous report on the topic. The way JBS does business cannot coexist with the environmental crisis we are currently experiencing.

The industrial meat business is kept afloat by supermarkets and firms that operate fast-food restaurants, despite the various ills it is responsible for around the globe. Greenpeace is calling on supermarkets and fast-food chains to join with the government and civil society in a concerted effort to move our community beyond its dependence on industrial meat and towards a revolution in food production and diet. This action will improve individual health outcomes while also securing the planet's future – its climate, its wildlife, and its people. @via Greenpeace ads.